NoticeEffective November 15, 2020
Effective November 15, 2020: Dr. Zuppardo, after 40 years of practice, is taking a one year sabbatical. He will be studying the function of the brain and taking seminars on neurology during this sabbatical. At the end of his sabbatical, he may announce his return to practice. This new information may make him a more effective doctor.

Our Services

Myofascial Release

Massaging the muscles and surrounding fascia provides welcome relief from pain, stress, and tension.

Spinal Manipulation

This gentle technique reduces inflammation, improves nerve functioning, and decreases the pressure on painful joints.

Cranial-Sacral Manipulation

The gentle, therapeutic touch of a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic along the spine and pelvic corrects the flow of cerebral spinal fluid the cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Extremity Manipulation

By manipulating the extremeties of patients, practitioners can increase the nerve supply to the arms and legs and potentially restores lost mobility. Those suffering from carpal-tunnel syndrome often find relief from this treatment. It is also useful when treating pain in the shoulders, elbows, feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

Visceral Manipulation

The body's internal organs -- including the liver, spleen, kidneys, and stomach -- and the connective tissues around them can benefit from gentle pressure to return them to optimal functioning levels. There are few chiropractors who have undergone the necessary training and certification to be able to provide the treatment to their patients.

Balancing the Temporomandibular Joint

Misalignment of the neck and jaw can cause a host of problems in patients, such as teeth grinding, vertigo, headaches, and pain in the upper torso. A chiropractor can massage the musles and readjust the jaw to bring the body back into alignment.

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