NoticeEffective November 15, 2020
Effective November 15, 2020: Dr. Zuppardo, after 40 years of practice, is taking a one year sabbatical. He will be studying the function of the brain and taking seminars on neurology during this sabbatical. At the end of his sabbatical, he may announce his return to practice. This new information may make him a more effective doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic?

Many people associate chiropractic care with accidents and injuries. However, it has more uses that are more than healing pain both acute and chronic. Chiropractic care is also used to improve the quality of life for people of all ages and physical conditions. When properly applied by a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner, chiropractic techniques can restorethe body by aligning the spine and addressing other structural imbalances. A premise of chiropractic involves the manipulation of the natural flow of the nerve impulses all over the body.

Without resorting to twisting and jolting the delicate spinal column, chiropractic methods can provide relief from both acute and chronic pain.

Why try chiropractic?

Many of the patients who havefound relief at Zuppardo Chiropractic Clinic have sought treatment from physicians, surgeons, and even other chiropractors but to no avail. If you are in intractable pain from a tumble on the playing field or a car wreck, you have a right to seek relief and respite from pain. Dr. Zuppardo is a sole practitioner who is able and willing to devote the time and expertise to get to the bottom of his patients' painful injuries.

His diagnostic interview is comprehensive and includes x-rays when appropriate. Should further testing like ultrasound, MRI, or EEG be warranted, Dr. Zuppardo has an excellent working relationship with numerous physicians in and around Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish. He can refer patients for additional diagnostic screening to determine the most effetive treatment plan for each individual patient.

What might I expect during the initial visit?

As well as conducting a thorough medical history, examination, and clearly documenting any injuries that caused or contributed to the patient's condition, Dr. Zuppardo may have you watch a short video that details various techniques he may employ as part of the treatment. Depending on the extent of the patient's injuries and severity of the condition, the doctor may spend thirty minutes or more to ensure relief may be found through a treatment plan. In especially challenging cases of chronic pain, patients may be instructed to return at the end of the day to undergo further treatments that could last an hour or longer.

As a sole practitioner, Dr. Zuppardo does not have partners to appease. As such, he can devote ample time to each patient and fully address their needs. Should a patient's condition not resolve or at least be alleviated through chiropractic methods within a reasonable timeframe, Dr. Zuppardo will refer the patient to a physician who can better treat the injuries.

I was in a car wreck. Can Dr. Zuppardo help me?

Dr. Zuppardo has provided treatment and relief to thousands of accident victims. His detailed chart notes and clear and concise reports document the injuries, medical consequences, and degree of recovery for his patients. Due in part to the clarity and attention to detail that he provides in all of his patients' medical records, many personal injury claims settle before anyone steps foot in a courtroom. Should his testimony in a deposition or at court be required, Dr. Zuppardo's years of experience make him an excellent witness on the stand.

Dr. Zuppardo is also willing to work with attorneys to treat their clients who have been injured in accidents caused by another driver's inattiention or negligence. Those who got hurt in an accident and elect to represent themselves may pre-arrange to receive treatment by Dr. Zuppardo.

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